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PRIMARY LEVEL : ages 3 to 6 at the Aquinas and Old Town Montessori Schools

The primary curriculum is a comprehensive three year program where children learn to compare, classify and clarify the world around them. Mathematical manipulative materials help the child to learn concepts of math, such as sequence, place value, operations and memorization of math facts. Language exercises include spoken language that develop vocabulary and phonemic awareness, while use of tactile and manipulative materials leads to development of writing and reading. Exercises in practical life improve motor skills, independence, self-control and concentration. The child also learns the basics of the world's geography, geology, history, astronomy and biology through materials and stories. Art and music are integrated into daily classroom activities.
Primary Program  

ELEMENTARY LEVEL : ages 6 to 12 at the Aquinas Montessori School

The elementary curriculum continues to follow the unique development of the child age 6-12. The program at this level is expanded as widely as possible to enkindle interest in every area of culture, mathematics, geometry, language, history, geography, botany, zoology, earth science, chemistry, physics, art, music, crafts, drama, and physical education. The elementary children also participate in the Junior Great Books and Latin programs.

Our purpose is to lead the children toward Dr. Maria Montessori's "cosmic education, which is a complete vision of reality and man, and an ability to interpret both of them in their essence, nature, and reciprocal relationship." The Montessori curriculum of the lower as well as the upper elementary program is designed as a three-year cycle, each year building on the previous year. Parents should be committed to allowing their children to complete each three-year cycle for an optimal learning experience.
Elementary Program  

Junior Great Books

A brief explanation of the program is available at Welcome to the Junior Great Books Program!   

The reading lists for our discussions are available here:
Junior Great Books

Suggested literature for primary and elementary children:

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