Dear Parents,

After-school enrichment opportunities are offered to students whose parents would like them to participate.

The Piano lessons are managed by the instructors. Girl Scouts are managed by parent volunteers.

Sincerely yours,

David H. Futrell

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The Drama Club

This is a highlight of the school year unique to Aquinas students. Each year the Upper Elementary Students participate and perform in a production of a Broadway Jr. musical.
Our students get the experience of performing on stage with wireless microphones, a professional sound technician, videographer and choreographer. The end results are unforgettable performances, enhanced self-esteems and memories captured on DVDs that can be shared and cherished for a lifetime.
An experience of performing on stage is life changing for many a shy student.

The Classics Club

Upper Elementary and Third Year Lower Elementary Students read enthralling classic tales from around the world. The students meet with a Classics Club leader on a monthly basis to partake in lively discussion. At each meeting, the following month’s reading selection will be revealed. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand one’s knowledge of classic literature.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts meetings are held at The Aquinas Montessori School.


Piano lessons are offered at the Aquinas Montessori School, students ages 4 and up are accepted. Please contact office for more information.

Lego Engineering club

Lego Engeneering club meetings are held at The Aquinas Montessori School.

Silver Knights Chess club

Silver Knights Chess club meetings are held at The Aquinas Montessori School.

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