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Admission Process

Old Town Montessori School uses a rolling admission process that allows students to join our school as spaces become available throughout the year and applications for our Primary classes (ages 3 to 6) are now being accepted.

At Old Town Montessori School we believe that the preschool and kindergarten years are a critical stage of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development, and we are dedicated and committed to the children and to the philosophy of Maria Montessori.
We strive to nurture each child's development by providing:

  • A warm, loving atmosphere where each child is respected and treated as an individual
  • Authentic AMI approved Montessori environment
  • Optimal class sizes where students work at their own pace and level
  • AMI certified teachers with Master's degrees
  • Opportunities to develop autonomy and creative thinking

Currently in our 31st year, we have consistently produced highly confident, self-motivated learners, who are well prepared for their elementary school years and beyond. Our families attest that they have indeed found a unique environment in Montessori classrooms where lasting values are emphasized, where kids are truly happy.

To start the admissions process please:

1. Schedule an observation by contacting our wonderful office administrator, Anastasia Ivanis, at (703 684-7323) or use our online form to make an appointment.
2. Visit the Old Town campus in person
3. Complete and submit your application
4. Visit the campus for an in-depth tour - First Visit
5. Submit additional paperwork

We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet you and to see which of our campuses will be the best fit for you and your child.

Application Form

Old Town Montessori School   

Supporting Information

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Tuition Schedule

2018 — 2019 Tuition Schedule for Old Town Montessori School (ages 3 to 6)

Waiting List

At times, it is impossible for the Old Town Montessori School to accept every student who applies because of limitations of space. Our waitlist is organized on a first come basis and we offer preference to those students who already have siblings attending our school and also to students with previous Montessori experience.

The following guidelines are established to provide the admissions office with parameters for accepting students to Old Town Montessori School.
  • All guidelines should be consistent with the Old Town Montessori School's Mission.
  • A balanced student body of girls and boys and age distribution in every class is ideal.
  • Priority acceptance should be given to siblings of current and former students, children of alumni, and students transferring from another campus.


Dear Parents, thank you for your interest in the Old Town Montessori School.
Please visit us in person to get an inside perspective and to see if the school is the best fit for your child.

To observe one of the classes please contact the school for an appointment or schedule a visit through our online form.
During your visit our administrative staff will show you around the school and answer all your questions.
Looking forward to meeting you.

Sincerely yours,
David H. Futrell, Director

We strongly suggest that parents schedule an observation or a tour before sending in their child's application but we do understand that it is not always possible. In this case, once we receive an application, we will contact the family to schedule a first visit for the applicant.

During the First Visit a child will spend about 20 to 30 minutes in the classroom with a teacher having a few lessons. It is an opportunity for the child to experience our Montessori environment while the parents discuss details and particulars of school.

We invite you to become a part of our wonderful Old Town Family and hope to see you soon!

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